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Metal or Plastic


+ Compatible Luer Needles

3 different Prodigy Instruments syringes in black and orange colours

Metal or Plastic

Oral Drenchers

Discover the PRO Series Advantage

Prodigy Instruments 15ml variable drencher applicator



Discover the PRO Series Advantage

Prodigy Instruments 30ml Drencher Pour-On applicator


For Blowfly and Lice Control

Prodigy Instruments 15ml Jetting Want applicator

Metal or Plastic

Forestry & Banana Applicators

+ Compatible Nozzle Accessories

Prodigy Instruments Banana applicators 3 different kinds


Used within Australia and internationally for the Crown-of-Thorns starfish

Prodigy Instruments 15ml Variable applicator

Baiting Applicators

+ Compatible Accessories and Kits

Prodigy Instruments metal Baiting applicators 2 different kinds


+ Compatible Draw-Offs, Straps and Shipping Caps

Prodigy Instruments 1L, 2L and 5L Backpack container


Luer Needles

Prodigy Instruments Luer Needles Box of 12

Accessories & Tools

Multi-Tool, Needle Spanner and Lanyard

Prodigy Instruments Tools and Accessories and lanyard

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