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P567-V  1L Container

P493-V  2.5L Container

P492-V  5L Container

  • 38mm closure.

  • HDPE Material.

  • Available with VISY Strip or without.

  • Large range of colours available.

  • Draw-offs in Upright configuration and Inverted available.

  • Draw-offs available to suit 63mm Thread, 38mm Thread, 28mm Thread.

  • Shipping caps available to suit TE 38mm closure.

  • Rigid Draw-Off Holder available to hold the draw off to the container for POS display. Suits all containers.

  • Straps available.

  • Lanyards available.

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Draw-Offs: Upright & Inverted

  • Upright or Inverted configuration available.

  • Suit 63mm Thread, 38mm Thread, 28mm Thread.

Rigid Hanging Tab for POS Display

  • Rigid hanging tab suits all containers to conveniently hold a draw off for POS displays.


Shipping Caps

  • Shipping Caps suit TE 38mm closure.

Needles Spanner & Lanyard

  • Fits both metal hub and Aluminum hub needles

  • Lanyard can be accessorized by color and custom logo – just ask Outback Matt.

  • Needle tool can be custom colored and laser etching of corporate name – just ask Outback Matt.

  • Needle tool also removes metal bottle tops. 😊

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