• Allows ease of access to P20D and P20F range.

  • Access to delivery cage lock nut, inlet fitting, trunion tension, piston and forestry applicator dose lock nut.

Spanner will adjust and lock Forestry Applicator dose adjuster screw and nut.

Spanner to access inlet valve.

Spanner to access delivery cage seal ring.

Spanner access to adjust trunnion tension position.

P366_Needle Spanner & Lanyard.jpg
P366 - Needle Spanner & Lanyard
  • Fits both metal hub and Aluminium hub needles

  • Lanyard can be accessorized by color and custom logo – just ask Outback Matt here.

  • Needle tool can be custom colored and laser etching of corporate name –
    just ask Outback Matt here.

  • Needle tool also removes metal bottle tops. 😊

Outback Matt-cropped.jpg